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Safety inspections of wind turbines

To improve the safety of working personnel, we can inspect your wind turbine on the safety, make improvements to the safety and report all safety features. Besides complete turbine inspections, TeSuCon can also inspect specific parts in great detail.

Detect Unsafe Situations

Completely corroded anchor devices, safety lines which are mounted on only two thin aluminium ladder rungs, faulty platform hatches, missing anchors etc.

The experienced safety specialist at TeSuCon can detect and SOLVE all of these issues. 


Installing Additional Safety Features

In order to keep your people safe, additional safety features may be needed. TeSuCon can make your turbine safe again.

All safety features are installed according to the latest Standards complete with a detailed  Installation Report. 

Work Equipment: Service Lift

All employees of TeSuCon are trained and certified by the manufactures of the most common Service Lifts.

The Service Lift of the turbine is inspected according to the checklist of the manufacturer.

The inspection obviously includes the statutory PAT inspection, overload check and a dynamic test of the brake function.

Work Equipment: 
lectrical Hoist

The hoist of the turbine is inspected according to the checklist of the manufacturer.

The inspection obviously includes the statutory PAT inspection, overload check and a dynamic test of the brake function with test weights.

Safe Access to Machinery

One of the riskiest parts of the workday for Wind Turbine technicians is probably the part where they have to get in the nacelle safely. Therefore it is vital that the ladders and the anchor lines/rails for the fall arresters are reliable.

But also the platforms, hatches and safety guard rails are important to provide a safe work environment.

Fire Extinguishers, First Aid Kits, Eyewash, Escape Hoods etc.

Thankfully, modern turbines are equipped with several features to make it a safe workplace. TeSuCon has the knowledge and equipment to inspect of these on site. 

If needed, the faulty equipment can be replaced by TeSuCon on the same day as the inspection.

Inspection of Personel Protective Equipment and Hoisting Equipment

The inspection of PPE is a specialist’s job. Especially the guided fall arresters and the rescue sets require the trained eye of a specialist.

Inspection of standard PPE can often be done on site. More advanced PPE are inspected and tested at Tesucon’s facility in Barneveld.

Remember that hoisting bags for tools also need to be inspected periodically.    

Repair and Revision

Serious repairs and revision are normally performed at Tesucon’s facility in Barneveld.

TeSuCon aims to repair smaller issues on site. All our service vans are equipped with a wide variety of tools and spare parts.

All Safety Information at the turbine and in the office

A single chart at the tower base of the turbine provides immediate insight into the safety status of the turbine. All visitors can check if components have passed the inspection and when the next inspection is due.
A more detailed report will be sent to the owner of the turbine and will also be stored in Tesucon’s archive.

Why safety inspections?

The answer is simple: To make sure that the people who work in the turbine go home safely at the end of the day.

Also, the employer is required (by law) to ensure that the health and safety of employees are protected. The statuary safety inspections are vital to ensure such a work environment.


Find a problem before it becomes a risk.


All inspections are documented and available for the employer/owner.

A safe turbine protects your employers.

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