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Active in the Wind Turbine Industry since 1993.


Brand independent inspections all over the world, Onshore and Offshore.

Problem Solvers

Practical recommendations and  solutions.

Clear Reports

Clear reports with helpful conclusions and recommendations.

Technical Windturbine Inspection

Technical inspections by TeSuCon provide invaluable insight in the technical state and the performances of the Wind Turbine.
TeSuCon can provide a wide arrange of inspections:
  • Videoscopic inspections of the Gearbox and Main Bearing(s).
  • Vibration measurements and analysis of all rotating components.
  • Electrical inspections of Generators and High-Voltage Transformers.
  • Blade inspections.
  • Oil and Grease analysis.
  • Analysis of the entire technical status of the turbine.

Safety inspection

TeSuCon is experienced, trained and certified to conduct the statutory safety inspections at the Wind Turbine.
  • Statutory Inspection of Work Equipment.
  • Statutory Inspection of Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Statuary Inspection of Permanent Means of Access to the Wind Turbine.
  • Statuary Inspection of Structural Anchor Devices.

On-Site Quality Management

TeSuCon offers services before, during and after the execution phase of the Wind Turbine installations.
Tesucon can provide Pre-Assembly Inspections as well as assistance for overseeing the installation of the project.
Take-Over Inspections and End-of-Warranty Inspections can also be provided.

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