Complete Wind Turbine Inspection

With a complete wind turbine inspection, all components of the turbine are inspected and issues are detected before they lead to alarms and loss of production. Besides complete turbine inspections, TeSuCon can also inspect specific parts in great detail. 

Blade Inspection

Large damage at the surface of the blade easily detected by a high-end SLR-camera in combination with a powerful telelens.

For a complete and thorough inspection, it is necessary to bring the specialist to the blade. Proper inspection of the lightning conductors and signs of delamination and osmose can only be conducted when the specialist can work on the blade. The best inspection results are obtained by using an Aerial Work Platform (cherrypicker) or with Suspended Access Equipment (skylifts).

Main Bearing Inspections

The special tools and knowledge to open the most common main bearings are available at TeSuCon. The state of the opened main bearing can easily be determined with a Videoscope.

Gearbox Inspections

Trained gearbox specialists will be able to determine the state of your gearbox. By using state-of-the-art videoscopic equipment with different probe diameters, TeSuCon is able to detect bearing and gear problems before it is too late.

Vibration Measurements

Bearing faults, gear problems, misalignment and unbalance can all be detected by a suitable CMS-system. The portable CMS-system of TeSuCon is a helpful tool to determine and prevent problems in all rotating parts of the Wind Turbine.

Infrared Inspection

The state of the art IR Visual Thermometer can see issues in context by blending the infrared heat map with the visual image.

Hot spots can easily be detected and potential problems can be avoided.

Electrical Inspections

All personnel at TeSuCon is qualified to work on electrical installations and trained in the safety rules as stated in NEN3140 and NEN3840.

By obeying the safety rules, important electrical components, such as main contactors and high-voltage transformers, can be inspected safely.


Grease and Oil Analysis

Analysing the lubricants of the Wind Turbine components provides useful information about the condition of the lubricant and is also an indicator for wear of the component.


Clear Reports

The technical inspections will result in a comprehensible report. A description will be given at every photo. The report always contains a summary of the main issues with a conclusion.

Why technical inspections?

Preventive inspections can save the Wind Turbine owner a lot of trouble. Several gearbox bearings can be replaced on site. If the failing bearing is detected on time, a complete gearbox exchange can be prevented.


Find a problem before it becomes a disaster.


Clear reports with helpful conclusions and recommendations.

Proper inspections can save a lot of money.

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