Each model has distinctive features and specifications that suit different needs.
Feel free to contact us for personal advice for your situation!


4 cable-reel model

4 x 50 meters per cable-reel
Length can be extended on request

Max. 282 kg per cable-reel

Max. descent load capacity at the same time as 564 kg

Max. 16 people.


E140 / 165

2 cable-reel model

2 x 140 or 2 x 165 meters per cable-reel
Length can be extended on request

Max. 282 kg per cable-reel

Max. descent load capacity at the same time as 564 kg

Max. 8 people.


1 cable-reel model

1 x 300 meters per cable-reel
Length can be extended on request

Max. 282 kg per cable-reel

Max. descent load capacity at the same time as 282 kg

Max. 4 people.


The Evacuator® escape descent system is a fully automatic controlled descent system designed to save lives at heights up to 300 meters. It is a fireproof system up to 1200 degrees Celsius fitted with steel cables. It is panic-proof and instinctively simple to use. It can be installed on wind turbines, offshore substations, harbor cranes, and other high-rise structures. It has a long lifespan of more than 30 years and does not require any special training. It can be used by multiple persons simultaneously and can be used in extreme weather conditions such as heavy rainfall. The system can be inspected and tested in about 15 minutes


Fully automatic


No electricity required


Maintenance friendly


Life span up to 30 years


Dekra EN341 certification


Technical documentation


Training on inspection and evacuation


Fire proof

up to 1200 °C for 90 min
up to 1750 °C 30 min


Cold chamber test -30°C


5 mm steel cables


6 kN Energy absorbers per cable


Controlled descent speed 1 m/s


The Evacuator® escape descent system can be installed inside or outside.

Indoor front runner

Indoor top runner

Outdoor top runner

Award winning system

In an emergency every second counts. With the Evacuator® escape descent system everybody can escape within 10 seconds.

Designed to save the lives at heights ranging up to 300 meters, the Evacuator® escape descent system is the world’s fastest and most user-friendly, fire proof, collective descent system, click on and go!

This award winning system provides a quick, intuitive escape and descent solution for everybody in an emergency situation. It is suitable for installation on wind turbines, offshore substations, harbour cranes and other high rise structures.

The Evacuator escape descent system brings adherence to the UK Offshore Safety Directive Regulator/HSE-Offshore Emergency Response Inspection Guide.

Certified by German institute DEKRA EN341, in compliance with ANSI Z359/CSA Z259.

 4 steps to safety

Go to the emergency exit

Secure your harness on to the yellow escape-hook

Open emergency exit

Start the descent


The Evacuator® utilises a user-friendly ‘click on and go’ mechanism. Each steel cable allows multiple persons to descent at the same time, providing their combined weight does not exceed 282 Kg on each steel cable / escape-hook. The total max. descent load on the system is 564 Kg. It is available in three models: Model E50 equipped with 4 cable reels. Models E140/E165 equipped with 2 cable reels. Model E300 equipped with 1 cable reel.


The solid surface where the Evacuator is going to be installed must be at least in compliance with the European Standard for Steel Constructions EN1090 and Eurocode3 class CC3 safety factor 1.65. This is the highest Class and also the highest safety factor within the European Standard for steel constructions.

Inspection & maintenance

There is no fixed lifespan, as long as the Evacuator® passes the inspection by a certified technician. Once you have completed authorised training, the inspection can be done by your team for operational efficiency. The same applies to installation. The inspection itself can be completed within 15 minutes.


The Evacuator escape descent system brings compliance to the Official European Safety Standard for Wind Turbines EN50308, Paragraph 4.2.2: “The descent device has to be fireproof enough to allow escape from the nacelle to the ground in the event of fire, it shall be suitable for the numbers of persons to be evacuated”.

All Details

  • A Fire Proof system up to 1200 degrees Celsius fitted with steel cables.
  • Panic Proof, instinctively simple to use, connect harnesses on preinstalled escape-hooks and start descent.
  • Escape-procedure within 10 seconds, just click on and go.
  • A fully automatic controlled descent, ±1 m/s.
  • The steel cables cannot burn or melt and can’t get entangled.
  • Safe descent at all wind speeds.
  • Safe descent when structure is on fire and safe to use in extreme wet conditions or heavy rain fall.
  • No time consuming preparations due to pre-installed and fixed installation at the emergency escape hatches, always there where you need it, immediately ready to use.
  • No electricity required.
  • Multiple persons can descent, the total Max. descent load on the system is 564 Kg at the same time (Max. descent load per cable-reel 282 Kg).
  • In case of acute health problems/cardiac arrest a person can be safely on the ground within the 6 Golden minutes.
  • Escape procedure can be done with 1 hand (in case injury has been sustained to other hand).
  • Long Lifespan >30 years.
  • Low costs of ownership.
  • Easy installation on all high structures, wind turbine independent, onshore and offshore.
  • In case of wind turbines: Installation does not damage the nacelle-construction and does not interfere annual maintenance in the nacelle (No drilling required).
  • Certification by DEKRA Germany EN341, Class D, in compliance with ANSI Z359/CSA Z259.
  • Does not require any special training but training models are available for educational purposes and multiple descent experiences.
  • Maintenance friendly, visual inspection and system-test approx. 15 minutes.