Increase the quality of your Wind Turbine Projects

The installation of a new wind turbine is a process with many different parts, which influence the quality of the turbine and the efficiency of the project. TeSuCon can manage the complete process and oversee installation process of the windturbine

Factory Inspections

The On-Site Quality Management often starts before the components are shipped to their destination.

Inspections before transport can ensure that the components are ready for lifting when they arrive at the building site. Waiting hours of expensive cranes or costly repairs after the components are installed can be avoided.


Infrastructure and Foundation Control

A properly designed infrastructure with a solid foundation is literally the foundation of a good working turbine.

TeSuCon has years of experience in managing and overseeing the realisation of Wind Turbine Parks and can provide assistance at this part of the project.

Project Managment

TeSuCon can provide on-site managers to optimize the efficiency during the realization of the Wind Park.

On-Site Safety Inspections

To ensure the safety during the erection of the Wind Turbines, it is important that health and safety specialists are present during the realisation of the Wind Park.

On-Site Quality Control

Inspections of the components when they arrive on site ensures that the components are in a proper condition and ready for lifting. Waiting hours of expensive cranes or costly repairs after the components are installed can be avoided.

Take-over Inspections

Even a brand new turbine isn’t perfect. Small design flaws or improper installation can have a considerable impact on the production of the turbine.

A technical inspection of the turbine, before Take-Over, is always recommended.

Also, detailed inspection reports can avoid a lot of discussions.

End of Warranty Inspections

An End of Warranty inspection provides an independent report concerning the actual state of the turbine. Possible hidden problems, which should be solved within the warranty period, can be determined by a complete technical inspection of the turbine.


Why On-Site Quality Managment?

Realising a new Wind Park is quite a challenge. To stay on top of things it is vital that knowledgeable specialists are on site to see and report what is happening. 

Whether if it’s quality, safety or operational, TeSuCon has the people for the job.

Experienced Wind Turbine Specialist on site


Quality control from Factory to End of Warranty


Independent inspections and reports

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